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 Equal Love is a nationwide campaign for marriage equality in Australia. We aim to put pressure on the government to legislate for equal ....

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Tamil Press Office Australia footage of Melbourne Rally August 2015

The StreetWise Show footage of Equal Love Rally August 2015

Equal Love is very proud to announce that we will be leading the 2016

Pride march along with Australian Marriage Equality.

We are delighted that  equality will be the major theme for the event. 

It will be an excellent opportunity to keep the pressure on the federal

government to make marriage equality happen in 2016.

We are inviting all Equal Love supporters to help us lead the march

this Sunday. We want as big a contingent as possible to send a

message to Canberra that equality matters.

All Equal Love supporters are encouraged to join our contingent for 

this once in a lifetime opportunity. 

We will be assembling from 12 noon this Sunday in the park on the corner of

Lakeside Drive and Fitzroy St, St Kilda. Wear red or white and bring placards, 

flags and friends. 

Look forward to seeing you all there!

From the Equal Love team.




Happy 2016 to all supporters of equality!

The Midsumma Carnival is upon us, and what better opportunity 

to raise awareness about the ongoing campaign for full LGBTI

equality in Australia.

Show your solidarity by visiting the Equal Love stall at Carnival

this Sunday, or marching with our very special contingent in the

2016 Pride march.

The stall on Sunday will feature a chapel where couples can be

married illegally by Elvis, Marilyn and others! Look for us

amongst the community stalls at the eastern end of the

Alexandra Gardens. All supporters of equality warmly welcomed.

Pride will be taking place on Sunday 31 January in St Kilda and 

Equal Love is planning an extra special contingent this year.

More details to come, but put it in your diary today.

Another not to be missed Midsumma event is What a Drag:

Midsumma's best drag event and this year a fundraiser for 

EqualLove and Australian Marriage Equality. Details below.

Thanks for your continued support and looking forward to

another year of fighting for full equality!

From the Equal Love team.



Malcolm Turnbull has betrayed LGBTI people in his single minded campaign to win the Liberal Party leadership and Prime Ministership. Despite being an outspoken supporter of equal rights, Turnbull has indicated he will not be moving to allow a conscience vote on marriage equality, which could see marriage equality made a reality immediately. Instead, he will be sticking with Tony Abbott's plebiscite proposal, a cynical manoeuvre to delay equality.

Equal Love convenor Ali Hogg:

"We are very disappointed that the new Prime Minister has capitulated to the right wing of the Liberal party on the issue of marriage equality in order to further his political career. It is an insult to LGBTI Australians that Turnbull considers our rights to be dispensable when they conflict with personal ambition. Equal Love calls on Turnbull to reverse his stance, allow a free vote on marriage equality and support the bill currently before parliament. Equal Love also calls on all politicians who support equal rights to vote for the marriage equality bill, even if it means crossing the floor against Turnbull."


 Photos by Mitch Beanland.



     Photos by Ross Spirou



Abbott says: Party members won’t have a free vote

We say: Liberals and Nationals who support equality should cross the floor for marriage equality.


After a 6 hour long meeting with the Liberals and National party members the outcome on whether members are allowed a conscience vote on the issue of marriage equality lost 66-33.

Abbott also said in a press conference post the meeting that if re-elected, the next Coalition government would put the issue to the people in a plebiscite or a conscience vote.

Ali Hogg Equal Love convener responds

“We know what the people think about this and we don’t need a plebiscite or a conscience vote. Poll after poll shows the majority of people support equality at 72% in favour”

“Abbott is trying to stifle the issue and it’s time we ramp up the pressure on Abbott and his supporters. People are rightfully angry about this decision to stifle equality and we need to express our anger on the streets. We call on all supporters of equality to come out this Saturday and let their voices be heard that we want equality now!”

Tens of thousands are expected to rally in Melbourne is on Saturday 15 August 1pm at the State Library.

Speakers include:

LGBTI Rights Activist and Author, Professor Dennis Altman,

Adam Bandt, Greens Member for Melbourne,

Mark Dreyfus, ALP Member for Isaacs,

Rowena Allen, Vic Gender & Sexuality Commissioner,

Luke Hilikari, Victorian Trades Hall Secretary

amongst others.

The rally will march to The Old Treasury Building for a mass wedding ceremony conducted by celebrant and The Australian Equality party's Senate candidate Jason Tuazon-McCheyne.



1. Eleven years of discrimination is too many; marriage is a civil right.

2. The US and Ireland have joined another 19 countries to have extended marriage rights to all; Australia lags behind.

3. Politicians must be pressured to support public sentiment and vote "yes" to the Private Members Bill for marriage equality this August.

4. Send a strong message to Abbott: stop standing in the way of equality.

5. Show anti-LGBTI groups that public opinion favours equality over discrimination.


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